List of Clinics held at the Hospital - (May be subject to change)

Consultant Led

Nurse Led

Orthopaedic - Hull, Hargrove, Chissell, Davidson, Brigstocke
                       Pike, Bendre, Sturridge, Chatakondu
Orthopaedic/Trauma - Gill Cooper
Mental Health - Mortimer, Asver Mental Health
Vascular - Chong Vascular
Urology - Barber Urology - Louise McArthur & Suzanne Langley
Colo-Rectal - Edwards, Bracey Irritable Bowel Disease - Kate Gilbert
Endocrine Disorders - Coyle Diabetes - Claire Henke
Cardiology Tissue Viability
Breast Care Health Visitors

Paediatric - Maltby, Wright

Respiratory Services

Elderly Care and General Medicine

Other Services

Ear, Nose and Throat - Jonathon, Hern, Patmore, Mitchell Audiology
Dermatology - Felix, Evennett Dietician
Gynaecology - Prietzel-Meyer, Riddle Orthoptist
Respiratory - Ho, Schomberg Podiatry
General Surgery X-ray and Scanning
Ultra sound scanning Pain Management
Rheumatology - Lloyd, Wajed, Scott-Russell Physiotherapy. OT and Community Care
Ophthalmology Quit Smoking

Young persons Sexual Health